Pamela Lape MS, LP, LMHC, NcPsya

Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Life Coach, Artist, Horsewoman, Practitioner of Heartfelt Wellness, Integrated Perspectives Psychotherapy

My goal is to help you lead a life worth celebrating.

I am especially sensitive to the existential dimensions of your challenges. Whatever you face in this world,  Heartflet Wellness addresses your emotional and spiritual needs on your journey toward mental wellbeing.  A painter myself, I connect well with artists in all fields who face creative blocks or career crossroads.

With balance, empathy, and 35 years of experience, I will work with you to understand and resolve situations that impair your happiness. 

If you seek insight to meaning and purpose, if you're ready to move in a new direction in your life, I'd love to work with you.

Chester, CT                  203.957.2249