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 Heather S. Dowling, LCSW, LLC

Transformational Therapies for Individuals, Families and Groups


Hello, I am pleased to meet you! I am a licensed clinical social worker and spiritual mentor. My passion is to use psychotherapy, holistic and earth-based modalities to work with adolescents, adults, groups and communities. I incorporate several modalities including traditional talk therapy, expressive arts, yoga, mindfulness, and family constellations. I am honored to have the chance to meet with you and to explore how my gifts can help you and your family. My deepest wish is for you to know that I care for your life, health and well-being.

One of the newest modalities I  offer is called Family Constellations.  The constellation process allows participants to reconnect with loved ones and to heal parts of family, generational and cultural trauma. Participants may have an individual or group constellation. Through exercises and vignettes, participants make connections with family members, co-workers, cultural groups, divided loyalties and absent family members.  Participants may experience a renewed sense of personal awareness, feelings of relief and increased strength in their physical, emotional and spiritual life.  We will collaborate and walk together on your journey toward health and healing.