CONNECTION:  The Constellation model was designed to promote connectivity.  We invite those we deeply trust to participate and in turn you will invite those you deeply trust.  In this way, we form a trusted connection with all of the practitioners who join us and have confidence in making referrals.

COLLABORATION:  With this level of trust, we can be confident in working with other practitioners to meet the needs of clients in various ways.  For example, practitioners can team up in working with a client or develop workshops that integrate various forms of the expertise we offer.  Some of us have begun working collaboratively and posting workshops on our forum.

GROWTH:  If you feel as excited about this as we are, you can invite other practitioners to become part of the Constellation as well.  Since we believe that our work is a dynamic and evolving process, we will help you modify your profile to best represent what you have to offer.

ONE PRACTIONER'S STORY: “I have found that there is something liberating in the process of putting myself out there in a way that authentically describes what I do and manifest in this world.  In the process of clarifying my intentions, connections began to manifest.  Within weeks after writing my practitioner's profile, I was asked to submit my resume to serve on a Board of Directors that I honor.  When I dusted off and contemplated my 20- year old resume, I realized it did not describe me or my current work: so I sent my practitioner profile along as well.  I believe it helped to manifest my intentions as I had stated there.”  Denise

Benefits for the Practitioner:


REMINDER:  We list practitioners whose services extend beyond traditional methods to address the needs of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.  We believe that with the assistance of such practitioners, individuals can be empowered to heal themselves and live in balance with joy and integrity.  Such lives shine in the presence of others, and their light has a ripple effect in their communities that ultimately creates change worldwide.

Catherine Steinberg is available to answer questions at (203) 453-5091 or

Daya Soudan is available to help you clarify your intentions for writing your profile at (860) 526-3109.