Kate Mitcheom, MSN, CNM, RYT

Heart-based Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Yoga


Mindfulness has changed my life and it could change yours.  Quite likely,  like most people, you are busy, and at times find yourself feeling like a human doing, rather than a human being. You forget your body and mind’s natural ability to relax and enjoy life.  We all have innate mindfulness and it can be called upon in times of stress, anxiety or challenge.  Join me to learn how.  

In my teaching I draw upon my extensive training, practice, and rich life experience to bring components of energy medicine, health care, and body-mind practices to the room.  I am available for individual or group consults for Mindfulness, Yoga and Energy Medicine sessions.

I offer mindfulness-based stress reduction, 8-week courses, workshops, presentations and custom courses for schools, health care organizations and businesses. I am certified to offer Yoga for Osteoporosis classes.  I  practice in yoga in the Anusara style. 

Greater New Haven area.        katemitcheom.com

202.887.8932             heartbasedmindfulness@gmail.com