Leslie Reed, LCSW

Contemplative Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision; Marital Officiate

As  a contemplative psychotherapist I provide a space where opportunities for finding the wisdom and sensitivity to live life more fully can be revealed. My interest in this therapeutic framework is a natural outcome of my own ongoing therapeutic work and my developing spiritual practice which allows me to move more fluently between the spiritual language of love and compassion and the psychological language of emotional distress and resiliency. My practice is informed by formal training in a blend of contemplative and psychodynamic therapies that value health and wellness. The focus is primarily on the here and now, while understanding that early developmental experiences affect current feelings, mood and behavior, and often mask one’s natural capacity for well-being.

I am an ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and certified to perform legal marriages in the State of New York.

Contemplative Foundation Workshops for Psychotherapists: For therapists interested in deepening their practice through a contemplative process, I offer a group milieu that values curiosity and reflection, in which clinicians are encouraged to ask of themselves and each other the questions that are central to transformation and individuation.

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