Lianne Escher, MSW

Clinical Social Work, Author & Speaker

Psychology & Mystical Arts


I love to listen closely to a client and use a whole person perspective – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. What are their underlying issues, where do they want to be in their life, how can we shift from out-worn patterns to open to new possibilities? Dreams can point the way. To relieve stress, I offer Paralandra Flower Essences, aroma therapy, and work with subtle aspects of the energy field.  A past life regression will take us to the ‘story behind the story’.  My goal is to help a client move into the deep mystery of who he or she is by increasing perceptual skills, confidence, self-worth, and through gaining an appreciation of inner life.

I have authored a book: A Mythic Sisterhood, the Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity and Grace and offer workshops and talks about how these archetypes guide us through our transitions to an increase of personal power .  

e-mail: lianneescher@gmail.com

Guilford, CT


website: amythicsisterhood.com

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