Mimi Rhys

Mimi Rhys, LMT

Combined Therapeutic Bodywork, including Craniosacral, Lymph Drainage Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation

Energy work including Shamballa Reiki and trauma release techniques and shamanism


Healing is a whole person phenomena, not a treating of separate physical parts.  Phoenix Healing Arts is a practice that addresses the body, heart, mind and soul of my clients in each integrated manual and energetic therapy session.  We work together to rebalance and restore the natural healthy movement of the bones, muscles, and organs of the body to achieve relief from pain and stress and to restore proper functioning. In addition, my practice uses several trauma release techniques to enable my clients to let go of past traumas, both physical and emotional, and to live more freely going forward.

Phoenix Healing Arts                                        

21 Glenmont Road, Brighton, MA  

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