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Linda Busk, LCSW

Body-Centered Psychotherapy, EFT (tapping), Spiritual Coaching


I LOVE inspiring people to access and trust their intuition and spirit and to move beyond intellectual understanding to real change! I am devoted to helping people develop a truly more compassionate relationship with themselves, creating more inner peace, which has a ripple effect in their lives, families, community, and ultimately, the world.   At times I have been referred to as a spiritual midwife; someone who embodies "anything is possible and miracles are happening right now!"  

I specialize in Energy Psychology which encompasses a wide range of approaches used to identify negative core issues and cellular memories (trauma) that are then “cleared” and replaced with positive beliefs.  LAW of ATTRACTION, quantum physics, yoga and meditation are woven though sessions to provide a truly unique healing experience.  I KNOW that within each person is infinite intelligence, wisdom, LOVE and PURE POTENTIAL.  It is my privilege to be a part of an individual's evolving experience of personal freedom.  

Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, 35 Boston Street, Guilford, CT 06437

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