Jan Main Born

Astrology, Clairaudience & Palmistry

M.A. Psychology (with emphasis on dream work)

Secondary areas of practice: metaphysical and archetypal meanings of injuries or physical problems, dream interpretations, Tarot, Chinese Face Reading.  I am interested in mythology as applied to archetypal astrology. 

My great aunt taught me palmistry and about reading feet and other obvious signs from the time I was three-years old.  She gave me books when I was twelve and encouraged me to use palmistry and bird-watching as my hobbies, in order to make life interesting.  Then some spiritual leaders of Buddhism insisted that I take up palmistry for a living in 1984.  Although reluctant, it has turned out to be a career that I love.  The spiritual leaders said, “You are not doing this for money, and you are helping people.  If you don’t do it for a living, then you will have to do something else and won’t have time to do your work of compassion.”

I work primarily by phone, and am located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

575.894.0488       email: jan.mainborn@gmail.com