A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

This famous text explores the release of the ego thought system into the thought system of love. A channeled work of Jesus, the Course in Miracles includes a 365-page workbook for daily use, a detailed text and a manual for teachers. 

Archetypal Astrology

Using the patterns of the planets, mythological parallels, and energetic aspects, astrology can help to lift old burdens and create new opportunities for positive growth.


The use of plant-based essential oils to improve psychological or physical well-being. The scents go directly to the limbic system which controls emotions, behavior, motivation and long-term memory.


Astrology looks at the configuration of the planets at the time of your birth.  Comparing those aspects to the position of the planets currently, a good astrologer can help to highlight positive ways to deal with issues.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy or Somatic Therapy

Integrates the body into the therapy process through various practices and brings a body-mind, and spirit unity to healing.

Breath Work, Yoga, Tai Chi

The conscious controlling of breathing is meant to influence mental, emotional and physical states. The breath is used to direct and enhance the body's energy in order to aid in the release of old emotions. 


The clairaudient hears the thought patterns, often hearing conversations from dreams of the client, as well as hearing stories of past lives and present assets and concerns.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An approach that aids in the development of personal coping strategies that help to solve current problems by changing unhelpful patterns (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotion regulation).

Dance/Wild Angels

An improvisational dance company that includes creative movement, music, song, clown and dog show.  All creative talents welcome!  A service organization, we perform in convalescent homes, schools, hospice, etc. 

Eco Therapy

Creating a deeper connection to nature and feeling better for it.  Using mindfulness to connect to plants and animals for healing, building self-confidence and sensory awareness.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Commonly referred to as tapping, is a profound healing tool which integrates tapping on specific acupuncture points (without the needles) and positive psychology in order to address physical and emotional issues.

Expressive Arts

Expressive art is the use of the creative arts as a form of therapy.  It combines any of the following forms: art, dance/movement, music, drama and writing/poetry to help a person attain meaning, clarity, healing and to enhance one’s overall well-being.  The process of creation is emphasized rather than the final product.  


Feng-Shui is a philosophical system that is used to create and bring harmony to any space.  A feng-shui practitioner or consultant,  works with the relationship between the people who live in or otherwise use a space, their goals and intentions, and the character and energies of the space itself.

Forgiveness Coaching

Radical Forgiveness Coaching assists you in forgiving anyone or anything, and in so doing, allows you to let go of the negativity around painful situations and, as a result,  grow into a better version of oneself. 

Guided Imagery

The practitioner takes the client on an imaginary-visual journey for healing purposes; also known as a "guided meditation."


Using Dr. John Christopher as our guide, we study his tapes and text (School of Natural Healing),  prepare infusions, decoctions, and salves to heal the body.  Herbal walks, kitchen preparations, and lectures give the fundamentals for using medicinal plants for healing. 


the psychological process of bringing ones attention to the internal experiences occurring in the present moment using the five senses. 

Past Life Regression

. . . is a process by which the client’s ego is relaxed, and an unfinished story from the past emerges. Once the old pressures, fears, conflicts, etc. are shifted, the client is able to consider the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits to letting go of old behavioral patterns and thought forms. Transformation can occur when this 'missing piece' is related to the current concern, and different choices for the future are possible.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling helps people with physical, relational, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well-being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises.


Chiromancy (aka "palmistry") is a very ancient metaphysical tool.  Looking at the quality of the lines, the mounts, a palmist can tell stories about a person’s opportunities for this life, as well as what kind of patterns have been laid before taking this birth.  The hands are set up in time increments, and much can be learned about the past, present and future.  This is not set in stone, however, and the lines take on different character, take different directions, thus it is good to visit a palmist at least once a year.


Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition practiced by indigenous peoples of the world for over 40,000 years.  A shamanic practitioner reaches altered states of consciousness through rhythmic drumming or other percussive sound, and interacts directly with spirits in order to serve their community.  In a shamanic journey, the practitioner attains information to help diagnose or treat an individual, or, to obtain solutions to problems affecting the community.

In a soul retrieval, the practitioner retrieves lost soul parts or essence that were left behind during a trauma, and, returns those aspects to the individual so that they may become whole.


A spiritual retreat for women that meets quarterly in Connecticut and throughout the USA. We meet for a weekend exploring a theme such as forgiveness, joy or surrender. Through drumming, song, talking stones, and duets (paired sharing), we share deep, safely, and from the heart. 

Spiritual Coaching  

. . . is a precious opportunity to connect with one’s Spirit and Intuition on a much deeper level in order to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.


Yoga means union: the union of body and mind. It is a philosophy and science dating back thousands of years. The purpose is a quiet mind, a flexible body and a pure heart.  A class consists of asanas (poses) to stretch and align the spine, pranayama (breath techniques) to energize the system, and deep relaxation/mediation (to quiet the mind).