Daya Soudan

Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Spiritual Retreats for Women

Drumming, medicinal herbology, writing, watercolor, A Course in Miracles

My work is deeply rooted in yoga and dance.  I find healing can occur through the use of conscious movement by getting to know the body and mind intimately.  I offer private and group classes in yoga, dance, and pilates. My dance company, Wild Angels, welcomes creative artists who love to perform (clowns, dancers, singers, musicians . . . . ) .  I lead quarterly spiritual retreats for women, both locally and around the world.  I live on a 14-acre sanctuary called The Peace Barn where you may hold workshops, classes, or retreats (studio, land, outdoor stage, etc.)  All are welcome! 

Deep River, Connecticut

860.526.3109                             860.938.1229 (cell)