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Astrid Uryson

Artist, teacher, dancer, co-creative coach, Feng-Shui consultant

I'm offering workshops—for individuals and small groups—that focus on releasing the flow of your creativity through a variety of artistic modalities that you can choose from and combine.

Opportunities for exploration are: movement, meditation, relaxation, writing, Feng-Shui, various art projects, vision boards, painting, working with clay, and more.  I tailor to your specific needs.

Additionally, I offer workshops on the basic principles of Feng-Shui. These can be done in a public place or as an on-site learning workshop in your home, giving you concrete examples of enhancements you can make.   Also, I  offer hands-on creative workshops where you can hand craft Feng-Shui enhancements such as water fountains and mobiles.

I’m inviting you to a playdate!!

For more information on Feng-Shui, visit my website:

For more information on creative playdates,  please call or e-mail:                                    203.836.4195        Higganum