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Astrid Uryson

Artist, teacher, dancer, co-creative coach, Feng-Shui consultant

My background is in art, dance, yoga, cooking, animal care, Feng-Shui, clutter clearing and organization, Ayurveda, essential oils, holistic health, and in all of this, especially having fun as medicine.

I am at your service, and here are some examples of what I can do for and with you: (1) cook you some yummy healthy meals, honoring your favorite tastes; (2) run errands or take you on errands and to appointments; (3) organize any closet or drawer that might be getting cluttered; (4)  I'm an animal lover, I will love to help you with your beloved pet’s needs; (5) organize a small to medium gathering, celebration, or party; (6) assist you in completing a fun art project (no experience necessary — I will bring my mobile “play shop”); (7) gently lead you in creative dance or intuitive movement.

Any or all of this while keeping you company on a day when you might feel a need for fun, creativity, and/or companionship.          203.836.4195        Higganum