Rubee's Constellation connects potential clients with healing practitioners, and supports those practitioners in offering clients multidisciplinary, integrative treatment.  

We list practitioners whose services extend beyond traditional methods to address the needs of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational.  We believe that with the assistance of such practitioners, individuals can be empowered to heal themselves and live in balance with joy and integrity. Such lives shine in the presence of others, and their light has a ripple effect in their communities that ultimately creates change worldwide. 

Practitioners are invited by those already participating, thus creating a constellation of providers.  Founding members include Daya Soudan, Mitzi Allen-Harris,  Astrid Uryson, Denise Bevza, Su Dowling-Slover, Catherine Steinberg, Darlene Talavera, Lianne Ecsher, Heather Dowling & Linda Busk.  Catherine Steinberg  is available to answer general questions about Rubee's Constellation (, 203.453.5091).

Each provider has a page describing who they are, what they offer, and how they can be contacted. Fees for services are negotiated by each provider and client.